HGS Gearbox Specialists

Gearbox Repairs / Reconditioning / Replacements

Not all gearboxes need to be reconditioned or replaced! When you first hear an audible drone or whine from your gearbox it’s often much cheaper to get it repaired at this stage. In some cases, its 50% cheaper.


  • Immediate loss of reverse gear
  • Jerking between gears
  • Loss of power
  • Jerking when selecting drive from neutral
  • Jerking when selecting reverse from neutral
  • Whining from gearbox
  • Not going into some gears
  • Crunching into gears
  • Stuck in gear
  • Not going into gear
  • Delay in pulling away.
  • Stuck in limp mode.
  • Over revving between Gears.
  • Stuck in drive.
  • Change in performance Cold/Hot.
  • Juddering when pulling away
  • Juddering when coming to a stop
  • Delay in pulling off
  • Not changing through gears
  • Over-revving through gears
  • Gear indicator lit up or flashing on dashboard

Gear Box Diagnostics

We have main dealer quality diagnosing tools the entire diagnosing is free of charge. Feel free to call or contact us relating your gear problem.

All our work is warranted for 6 months / 10,000 miles.