Clutch Replacement

Who better to change your worn-out clutch than a specialist gearbox company?

HGS (previously known as Briggs Motors Limited) have fitted 1000’s of clutches since opening in 1982. Specialist technicians expertly fit all clutches.

HGS are one of the best regarded gearbox companies on the South Coast, providing services to customers, local garages, and main dealers throughout the South and nationwide. You can rest assured if you have additional gearbox problems it won’t be outsourced to a third party.

Most people know the obvious symptoms of clutch failure, which include slip, judder, and harshness of operation. Difficulty when trying to engage first gear or reverse usually indicates clutch (not gearbox issues). Dragging Clutches will be hard to engage or disengage gears. Most Clutches are now operated by hydraulic slaves or concentric cairn bearings, so any adjustment is extremely limited. It’s fair to say if it’s slipping it will need changing.

  • Fitting costs for 3-piece clutch kit £ 150 -300 (the average is £150 + vat)
  • 3 Piece Clutch kits range from £75 – £200 + vat.
  • Same day service available with prior booking (Monday – Friday)

Please call for an exact quote – 01329 286128

What gets changed?

  • Pressure plate, Centre Plate, Concentric slave / release bearing
  • Other things that may need changing are your Dual Mass Flywheel or Flywheel / Clutch cables on older cars

Dual Mass Flywheel Replacement

Dual mass flywheels are one of the more expensive drive train components to replace when compared to a conventional 3-part clutch kit. The role of the dual mass is to reduce torsional vibration and in theory offers a smoother drive when it comes to changing gear. The dual mass absorbs rotational vibration as the centre part can move slightly in either direction or is dampened. When worn they can give an audible rattle and you may feel some harshness in operation.

  • A superior quality dual mass flywheel replacement kit ranges from £100 -£500 +Vat

If you’re experiencing clutch problems, please call 01329 286128. or call in and we will test drive your car to confirm the problem.